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Our Origin

In April of 2022 Rob Rizzolo, along with his fiancée Nicole Lieter, set out to cross the United States for two reasons, 1-was to bring Rob's bestfriend, an active US Army Sgt stationed in California, his Jeep and personal belongings. 2-was to raise awareness of something not talked about nearly enough, Veteran Suicide. Prior to leaving, Rob contacted multiple Veteran run non-profits in the Monmouth and Ocean County areas and discussed how he wanted to raise awareness and, if those organization wanted to partner with him to help broadcast awareness for such an important cause. Rob partnered with the following 501(c)(3) Veteran organizations, MA-22, Jeff's Camp, CSM Robert Gallagher Charitable Foundation, Recalibrate, and Bridge the Gap. After securing the non-profit partners Rob set off to California and began his Veteran Suicide Awareness Road Trip. Rob chronicled the entire trip through social media outlets such as YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. Rob raised awareness by stopping in every state he drove through, performed 22 push-ups and placed 22 American flags in honor of the 22 Veteran's a day that take their own lives. Rob also read the names of soldiers who committed suicide from each state he drove through as submitted by those soldiers friends/family. In all, the trip's videos garnered ten's of thousands of views and raised hundreds of dollars which Rob directly donated back to the organizations listed above. The conversation was started, funds were raised, and soldiers were memorialized.

After the road trip was complete Rob saw how much was able to be accomplished when working with the right people and the right organizations. He began to think of how he could better help his community and other volunteer organizations and thus the seeds of the Leave Life Better Foundation were laid. Over the next few weeks Rob began researching 501(c)(3) non-profit requirements and reaching out to perspective like-minded individuals pitching his idea for the foundation and securing members to represent the board of directors. On Monday, May 30th, 2022, Memorial Day, Rob filed the paperwork for the Leave Life Better Foundation and something that was just a glimmering idea only two months prior, had become a dream and idea, realized. 

"We only get out of life, what we put into it."

Our Mission

The mission of the Leave Life Better Foundation is in its name. We strive to leave life better than we found it through volunteerism and charitable actions. The foundation prides itself on its unwavering dedication to helping other charitable organizations with either fundraising, volunteering, or donation of necessities and/or supplies. We believe that you only get out of life, what you put into it, and that means giving back to the community you work, live, and/or play in.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an organization that brings people together and reinvigorates the call to volunteer and help one another. Our communities rely on those who work and live in them. Donating time, money, supplies, or services allows our community to flourish and the people of that community to bond stronger with one another. Volunteerism is on a decline, but we hope to turn that around and get people back to being involved in the community.

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